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Curbside Recycling Pickup


Most residential garbage service includes curbside recycling (some instances recycling may not be an option, please call).

If you are interested in participating in curbside recycling, please contact us so we can further assist you with this.

Please see the instructions below regarding acceptable items for curbside recycling and how they should be sorted.


Acceptable items for recycling bins
  • Clear & Colored Glass (jar & bottles only)
  • Newspaper (clean and including inserts)
  • Junkmail (window envelopes okay)
  • Chipboard (small food boxes)
  • #1 through #5 and #7 plastics (jugs, bottles, and bowls). Look on bottom of containers for numbers
  • Tin Cans (dog food, vegetable cans)
  • Aluminum Cans (soda & beer cans)

Rinse all containers, leave labels on, remove liners from food boxes & remove all lids. No plastic bags or styrofoam.


How to sort your recycling bins
  • Newspaper, Junkmail, Chipboard & Magazines can be placed together loose in bottom of bin. Can include Phonebooks.
  • #1 through #5 and #7 Plastics, tin & aluminum cans can be placed together in paper bag or another bin.
  • Clear & Colored Glass (bottles & jars only)

    Place glass all together in paper bag or small container separate from other materials.  Remove all lids.

You may use another container of your own along with our recycle bins (may be a rubbermaid container or a small garbage can)


When to set out your recycling
  • Have bins out on curb by 7am or night before
  • We pick up rain or shine. Do not try to cover bin. We will pick up if material gets wet.
  • Visit the holidays page to see what holidays are observed.
  • Pick up will be one day late if the holidays fall on a weekday, on or before your pick up day.

If you have any problems with pickup please call our office at 522-9271 or visit our contact page for more contact options.


An example of an improperly sorted recycling bin


An example of a recycling bin that is properly sorted


Look for our recycling trucks in your neighborhood!